vent Patterns
Some locations where the "Made to Order" line of Radiant Wraps™ are used...
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Town Houses
  • Offices
  • Day Care
  • Health care
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Radiant Wraps™ are offered online and by special order. Our online version (100 series in-stock) measures 8 1/4” x 3” and can be ordered in increments 2’ through 8’.

All other sizes are considered special order. Both versions, the in-stock and the special order versions are offered in four (4) powder coated colors and a primer coated version which could be painted.
Depending on the application both versions are offered in aluminum. We recommend aluminum for all bathroom or high humidity applications. Radiant raps are offered in four (4) different patterns:

There will be a CUSTOM DESIGNER CHARGE of $95.00 for Made To Order products.
  long corridors or Not 90 degree angles? Not a problem!

cobble stone
cobble stone
Cobble Stone (custom)
Diamond (custom)
(includes black screen behind pattern)
Our Made To Order Series Radiant Wraps™ are currently available in the patterns shown above.

Radiant Wraps™ are available from 7 1/2", 8 1/4", 9 1/2" and 11 1/2" height.
We can provide solutions for almost any type of baseboard retrofit, including those installations where the existing baseboard heating unit's enclosure is, missing or has been entirely removed, taller than 9 1/2", or deeper than 3 9/16".
Made to order panels are available in:

  • 100 SERIES (8 1/4" HEIGHT X 3" DEPTH)
  • 300 SERIES (9 1/2" HEIGHT X 3" DEPTH)
  • 400 SERIES (8 1/4" HEIGHT X 3 9/16" DEPTH)
  • 600 SERIES (9 1/2" HEIGHT X 3 9/16" DEPTH)
  • Other custom sizes available.
Note: Installations where the baseboard enclosure has been removed require Radiant Wraps mounting brackets.
Each section of Radiant Wraps is specifically designed to slip-on over and retrofit a corresponding section of the existing, installed baseboard. Every section length is computer modeled prior to production to ensure a symmetrical layout of panels, patterns and borders, and this component system can conform to wall-to-wall, inside, outside, non-90-degree or bay window corners, and cantilevered or extended length layouts. Once a new section of heavy-gauge Radiant Wraps slips into place, it creates a structurally superior, highly energy efficient enclosure system that will not rattle, bend, or bounce out of alignment.
The Radiant Wraps product line has been used in commercial and residential applications ranging from homes and offices to day care centers and resort facilities across North America. Please see the About the product page for additional information or contact us via the Contact Us/Estimate page for do-it-yourself measuring instructions and a free estimating guide.
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