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Radiant Wraps™ will transform the appearance
of a conventional baseboard heating unit into
a distinctive architectural decorating accessory.
There is no other product of it kind.

Radiant Wraps, baseboard heater covers

Radiant Wraps, baseboard heater covers



As an architectural design treatment, Radiant Wraps™ provide a previously unavailable decorating option to accessorize the appearance of a room's installed baseboard heating units. No more arranging the furnishings to hide unsightly baseboard.

As an engineering advancement, Radiant Wraps™ are nothing like a conventional baseboard heating unit enclosure. The design and assembly of the conventional baseboard enclosure has remained virtually unchanged for the past 50 years. An 8-foot section of Radiant Wraps™ incorporates 25-pounds of precision-fabricated, 16-gauge cold rolled Steel, with one-piece construction and adjustable interlocking joinery. The same size section of a conventional enclosure incorporates 75% to 80% less steel in a package of mass-produced, snap-together, spray-painted components. Radiant Wraps™ are individually coated inside and out with an exterior-rated, electro-statically applied and baked-on powder-coated finish, and provide superior durability as compared to a conventional units' wet-painted finish. Radiant Wraps™ are now also now available in 16-gauge aluminum for wet or high humidity areas.

Once a new section of Radiant Wraps™ slips into place, it creates a rigid, structurally-superior, highly energy-efficient enclosure system that will not rattle, bend, or bounce out of alignment. Radiant Wraps™ are designed to last for the life of the heating system.

If the original baseboard heating enclosures are completely missing or have been removed, we have Radiant Wraps™' mounting brackets designed specifically for this type of installation. We can also retrofit most types of electric baseboard units.

We work directly with do-it-yourself home-owners, contractors, decorators, architects and/or property managers.

Slip-On Installation:

Radiant Wraps™ is an inter-locking system of retrofit enclosures that are designed to slip-on and install over an existing baseboard heating unit without nails, screws or the need to remove any of the unit's permanently installed components. In the event that the original baseboard's enclosures are missing or have been removed, we have Radiant Wraps™ mounting brackets designed specifically for this type of installation. We can also retrofit most types of electric baseboard heating units. Please see the Slip-On Installation  section of our web site for additional information on installations.

Energy Efficient:

Radiant Wraps™ will enhance the efficiency of your existing baseboard heating elements. The substantial 16-gauge Steel or Aluminum will continue to store and radiate heat energy over a longer period of time as compared to a typical light-gauge baseboard enclosure. The architectural grill patterns are integral to each of the components. This design stabilizes the enclosure and enlarges the ventilation area. They are also easy to remove for annual cleaning of the heating element "fins".

Made-to-Order System Product Line:

The Made-to-Order Product Line has been the cornerstone of Radiant Wraps™ for the past 5-years. It has been used in applications ranging from homes and offices to day care centers and resort properties. Our component system can conform to wall-to-wall, open wall, inside, outside, and non 90-degree bay window corners, as well as cantilevered or extended length layouts. Please refer to the Made-to-Order System section of our web site for a description of Material, Pattern, Color, Size, and Style Options.

In-Stock Panel System Product Line:

We have introduced a new Inventoried Panel System of fixed panel length sections. This new line will incorporate the same materials and joinery as our Made-to-Order Wraps. They are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-foot lengths in the Parquet or Optional Trellis Vent Patterns. The program is designed for applications where the existing baseboard can accept a fixed-length retrofit section within the height and depth clearances provided by the Low Profile Size Option. Please refer to the In-Stock Panel System section of our web site for a description of Pattern, Color, and Size Options.

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